See historicals and forecasts on 35 key metrics for Invesco

Name Type
/losses attributable to noncontrolling interests in consolidated entities net Annual
Basic Earnings Per Share: Earnings Per Share From Continuing Operations Annual
Basic Earnings Per Share: Earnings Per Share From Discontinued Operations Annual
Dividends Declared Per Share Annual
Earnings Per Share: Basic Annual
Earnings Per Share: Diluted Annual
Income From Continuing Operations Before Income Taxes Annual
Income Tax Provision Annual
Income/ From Discontinued Operations Net Of Taxes Annual
Net Income Annual
Net Income Attributable To Common Shareholders Annual
Operating expenses - Transaction and integration Annual
Operating Expenses: Employee Compensation Annual
Operating Expenses: General And Administrative Annual
Operating Expenses: Marketing Annual
Operating Expenses: Property Office And Technology Annual
Operating Expenses: Third-party Distribution Service And Advisory Annual
Operating Expenses: Total Operating Expenses Annual
Operating Income Annual
Operating Revenues: Distribution And Servicing Fees Annual
Operating Revenues: Investment Advisory Fees Annual
Operating Revenues: Performance Fees Annual
Operating Revenues: Revenue Other Financial Services Annual
Operating Revenues: Total Operating Revenues Annual
Other comprehensive income/ net of tax - Prior service credit related to employee benefit plans Annual
Other Comprehensive Income/ Related To Employee Benefit Plans Annual
Other income/ - Interest and dividend income of CIP Annual
Other income/ - Interest expense of CIP Annual
Other Income/ Consolidated Investment Products Annual
Other Income/ Of Csip Net Annual
Other Income//losses Of Cip Net Annual
Other Income/: Equity In Earnings Of Unconsolidated Affiliates Annual
Other Income/: Interest And Dividend Income Annual
Other Income/: Interest Expense Annual
Other Income/: Other Gains And Losses Net Annual