Kansas City Southern ( KSU )
How has the company changed?
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How Did Kansas City Southern [KSU] Fare in 2018 and What Can We Expect In 2019? Annual

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Average Shares Outstanding: Basic Annual
Average Shares Outstanding: Diluted Annual
Average Shares Outstanding: Potentially Dilutive Common Shares Annual
Debt Retirement And Exchange Costs Annual
Debt Retirement Benefits Annual
Earnings Per Share: Basic Annual
Earnings Per Share: Diluted Annual
Equity In Net Earnings Of Affiliates Annual
Foreign Exchange Gain Annual
Income Tax Expense Annual
Interest Expense Annual
Less: Net Income Attributable To Noncontrolling Interest Annual
Net Income Annual
Net Income Attributable To Kansas City Southern And Subsidiaries Annual
Net Income Available To Common Stockholders Annual
Operating Expenses Annual
Operating Expenses: Benefit Recognized By The Company Relating To A Mexican Fuel Excise Tax Credit Annual
Operating Expenses: Compensation And Benefits Annual
Operating Expenses: Depreciation And Amortization Annual
Operating Expenses: Equipment Costs Annual
Operating Expenses: Fuel Annual
Operating Expenses: Gain On Insurance Recoveries Related To Hurricane Damage Annual
Operating Expenses: Lease Termination Costs Annual
Operating Expenses: Materials And Other Annual
Operating Expenses: Purchased Services Annual
Operating Income Annual
Other Income Net Annual
Preferred Stock Dividends Annual
Revenues Annual