Oneok NEW ( OKE )
How has the company changed?
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How Did Oneok NEW [OKE] Fare in 2018 and What Can We Expect In 2019? Annual

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Allowance For Equity Funds Used During Construction Annual
Amounts Available To Common Shareholders: Net Income Available To Common Stockholders Annual
Average shares - Diluted Annual
Average Shares: Shares Annual
Basic Earnings Per Common Share: Basic Annual
Basic Earnings Per Common Share: Income From Discontinued Operations Annual
Common Stock Dividends Per Share Declared Annual
Cost Of Sales And Fuel Annual
Depreciation And Amortization Annual
Diluted Earnings Per Common Share: Diluted Annual
Equity In Net Earnings From Investments Annual
Equity Method Investment Other Than Temporary Impairment Annual
Gain On Sale Of Assets Annual
General Taxes Annual
Impairment Of Long-lived Assets Annual
Income From Discontinued Operations Net Of Tax Annual
Income Taxes Annual
Interest Expense Net Of Capitalized Interest Annual
Less: Net Income Attributable To Noncontrolling Interests Annual
Less: Preferred Stock Dividends Annual
Net Income Annual
Net Income Attributable To Oneok Annual
Operating Income Annual
Operations And Maintenance Annual
Other Expense Annual
Other Income Annual
Revenues: Commodity Sales Annual
Revenues: Services Annual
Revenues: Total Revenues Annual