See historicals and forecasts on 50 key metrics for JPMorgan Chase

Name Type
Book Value of Shares Annual
Common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratio Annual
Common Share Dividends Annual
Dividend Payout Ratio Annual
Efficiency Ratio Annual
Income Margin Annual
Loan Charge-off Rate Annual
Loan Charge-offs Annual
Loan-to-Asset Ratio Annual
Loan-to-Deposit Ratio Annual
Net Income Annual
Net Interest Income Annual
Net Interest Income % Revenues Annual
Net Interest Margin Annual
Non-Interest Expense Annual
Pre-tax Profit Margin Annual
Pre-tax Profits Annual
Price-to-Book Ratio Annual
Return on Assets Annual
Return on Equity Annual
Risk-Weighed Assets Annual
Share Price at Period End Annual
Share Repurchases Annual
Tier 1 Capital Annual
Total Assets Annual
Total Deposits Annual
Total Equity Annual
Total Loans Annual
Total Payout Ratio Annual
Total Revenues Annual
Efficiency Ratio Quarterly
Income Margin Quarterly
Loan Charge-off Rate Quarterly
Loan Charge-offs Quarterly
Loan-to-Asset Ratio Quarterly
Loan-to-Deposit Ratio Quarterly
Net Income Quarterly
Net Interest Income Quarterly
Net Interest Income % Revenues Quarterly
Net Interest Margin Quarterly
Non-Interest Expense Quarterly
Pre-tax Profit Margin Quarterly
Pre-tax Profits Quarterly
Return on Assets Quarterly
Return on Equity Quarterly
Total Assets Quarterly
Total Deposits Quarterly
Total Equity Quarterly
Total Loans Quarterly
Total Revenues Quarterly