WEC Energy Group ( WEC )
How has the company changed?
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How Did WEC Energy Group [WEC] Fare in 2018 and What Can We Expect In 2019? Annual

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Cost Of Sales Annual
Depreciation And Amortization Annual
Earnings Per Share: Basic Annual
Earnings Per Share: Diluted Annual
Equity In Earnings Of Unconsolidated Affiliates Annual
Interest Expense Net Annual
Net Income Annual
Operating Expenses: Other Operation And Maintenance Annual
Operating Expenses: Property And Revenue Taxes Annual
Operating Income Annual
Operating Revenues Annual
Other Expense Annual
Other Income And Deductions Net Annual
Preferred Stock Dividends Of Subsidiaries Annual
Statements Of Comprehensive Income: Net Income Attributed To Common Shareholders Annual
Total Income Tax Expense Amount Annual
Total Operating Expenses Annual
Weighted Average Common Shares Outstanding: Basic Annual
Weighted Average Common Shares Outstanding: Diluted Annual