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Available-for-sale and other securities - Tax-exempt Annual
Available-for-sale and other securities - Taxable Annual
Average common shares—basic Annual
Average common shares—diluted Annual
Bank owned life insurance income Annual
Brokerage income Annual
Cards and payment processing income Annual
Common stock cash dividend per share Annual
Deposit and other insurance expense Annual
Dividends on preferred shares Annual
EPS - Basic Annual
EPS - Diluted Annual
Equipment Annual
Gain on sale of loans Annual
Impairment losses on available-for-sale securities - Noncredit-related portion of loss recognized in other comprehensive income Annual
Impairment losses on available-for-sale securities - Total OTTI losses Annual
Impairment losses recognized in earnings on available-for-sale securities Annual
Insurance income Annual
Interest and fee income - Interest income - loans and leases Annual
Interest and fee income - Interest income—held-to-maturity securities—taxable Annual
Interest and fee income - Other Annual
Interest and fee income - Total interest income Annual
Interest expense - Deposits Annual
Interest expense - Federal Home Loan Bank advances Annual
Interest expense - Short-term borrowings Annual
Interest expense - Subordinated notes and other long-term debt Annual
Interest expense - Total interest expense Annual
Marketing Annual
Mortgage banking income Annual
Net income Annual
Net income available to common shareholders Annual
Net interest income Annual
Net occupancy Annual
Noninterest expense—personnel costs Annual
Noninterest income - other income Annual
Noninterest income—net gains on sale Annual
Other comprehensive income net of tax - Total unrealized gains on available-for-sale securities Annual
Other expense Annual
Outside data processing and other services Annual
Professional services Annual
Provision for credit losses Annual
Provision for income taxes Annual
Service charges on deposit accounts Annual
Total noninterest expense Annual
Total noninterest income Annual
Trust services Annual